We released new escape game package app for Windows – Portal of Madogiwa Escape MP.

Renewal of the escape game “Madogiwa Escape MP”!
We released the container app “Portal of Madogiwa Escape MP” for Windows10(Microsoft Store app)!

You can choose and play each title of escape game “Madogiwa Escape MP” in the one app!
New titles will be added by updating the app!

Title list of first release:
No.001 : Escape from the reception room of the hotel!
No.002 : Escape from the hanging house!
No.003 : Escape from the Japanese-style room!
No.004 : Escape from the office!
No.005 : Escape from the building!
No.006 : Escape from the house with garage!
No.007 : Escape from cafe!
No.008 : Escape from the warehouse!
No.009 : Escape from the resort hotel!
No.010 : Escape from the mountain hut!【New Release!】

We will be scheduled to release new titles from now on!

Microsoft Store :